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Delta Orion
Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner
Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
Reconnective Animals Practitioner
   3375178424    deltabellsorion@gmail.com    DeltaHealing.Us
Please visit www.DeltaHealing.Us for full bio........

One day, while sitting at the computer, my hand magnetized to the shift key as the mouse curser hovered over an illegible link. What appeared on my computer screen was the home page of "TheReconnection.com". I knew in a moment that I had found what I had been looking for. Tears ran down my face as I tried to read the website, then something told me: “You don’t need to read this, you already know it”. In that moment I knew that I had done this before!

After a few moments of thought, I decided to become a Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing as well as Reconnection-Certified Practitioner. From there, I moved onto Practitioner Mentor Status and Teaching Assistant.

Make that quantum leap forward for your "BEAUTIFUL" self, one that will transcend beyond to the “ALL IS ONE”. When you heal yourself, you heal others…….Yes, this is bigger than we understand.

Discover what miracles the Universe has in store for YOU!

Wishing you peace beyond all understanding.....
3523 New Hampshire Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20010
Services Offered
  • Reconnective Healing Sessions
  • The Reconnection Sessions
  • Practitioner Mentoring
  • Practitioner Credentialing
Healing Session Fee: $111 USD
Reconnection Session Fee: $333 USD
  • English